Will Fianna Fail suffer “Force depletion”?

Going purely, I’ll admit, on hearsay, I’m beginning to wonder whether the Fianna Fail canvassing operation will actually disintegrate during the campaign? Already I’ve heard of one non-Dublin TD being forced to rapidly exit a driveway on threat on a firearm being produced, and I wonder just how much abuse will canvassers take before throwing in the towel? That’s even assuming that they canvass at all, as the fear of how tough the going will be has, by many accounts, scared off potential canvassers already.

Having said all that, today’s leadership election in Fianna Fail could begin to put traction on the Fianna Fail recovery. The Cowen issue has been dealt with,  and if Michael Martin (I’m assuming) were to build a campaign around what would basically be a humble “national apology” tour, you could see Fianna Fail stabilise around a seat figure in the 30s, which would be livable with in the current circumstances. It’s noticable, for example, that Sinn Fein’s strong performance in the polls is beginning to make sections of the country sit up and pay attention, and look around for a bulwark against them. That nice man from Cork could be the solution: After all, didn’t the last nice man from Cork stand up to them?

P.s. Fianna Fail aren’t the only people having problems. Am also hearing that a rising young star in FG is having difficulty in getting canvassers due to an apparently rude and taking-for-granted attitude towards them during the locals. Tut-tut. As any old hand will tell you, one reliable canvasser is worth ten “advisors”, and the smart candidates nurture their canvassers.


One thought on “Will Fianna Fail suffer “Force depletion”?

  1. Only a threat of firearm use ?

    That’s a poor show. Has EU membership sapped the will of the pipple that much ?

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