Would Microsoft sue itself?

John Gormley: Having strong words with himself.

John Gormley: Having strong words with himself.

In yesterday’s Irish Times, an EPA spokesperson, speaking about local authority failures on water quality, was quoted as saying that  “….The authority will eventually be able to prosecute if plants do not comply with the conditions of these licences.” The Irish Times pointed out that “This could result in fines of between €5,000 and €500,000 imposed on local authorities.”

So, to get this straight: Our solution is to use taxpayers money to pay for lawyers for one part of the government to sue another part? Am I the only one who thinks this is just plain nuts? Sure, the Department of the Environment will say that county councils are seperate entities, except that they are not. The county managers are appointed by the department. If the department isn’t happy with the managers, sack them, and stop pissing away our money. The whole point of having the Greens in government was to bring fresh thinking into government, surely?

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