Yes, we get it! No does mean no. We know!

Go on the blue!I’m getting a sharp pain in the face at the mock indignation of No to Lisbon activists going around telling me that the No vote was not respected. Yes it was! We didn’t ratify the treaty, which was surely the point!
We didn’t vote to cede the right to discuss or request a second vote, which our constitution permits, to Youth Defence, Richard Boyd Barrett, Libertas or Sinn Fein, or indeed their British Tory cheerleaders. That wasn’t on the ballot.
The Irish Constitution says that the treaty cannot be ratified without a referendum. It has not been ratified. The Yes side has respected the constitution, and should not give into the a la carte approach to democracy of the No side.

People ask if we  had had a Yes vote, would there be a demand for a revote? Guess what? Sinn Fein, Youth Defence and Richard Boyd Barrett would be perfectly entitled to call for another vote and to promise it in their manifestos. If Sinn Fein, Youth Defence and Richard Boyd Barrett win a majority of the seats in the next election, they can call another referendum. It’s the law.

One thought on “Yes, we get it! No does mean no. We know!

  1. So instead you got the concession that the EU respects workers’ rights. Ha! I would suspect that Ireland’s rights for its workers would be a lot weaker today if the EU hadn’t prodded them to improve things over the years… Still if the European Council conclusions keep people a bit happier then I’m OK with that.

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