You just know you’re doing a fair job when An Phoblacht takes a swing at you.

Just plain chuffed.

Just plain chuffed.

A friend of mine used to speculate that Gerry Adams and Michael McDowell used to ring each other up, and agree a good spat before they’d kick off jabbing fingers at each other in public. The idea was that neither man was in contention for the others votes, and so it was mutually beneficial for both men to have a go at each other.

It wasn’t true, of course, but he had a point. Eoin O’Broin of Sinn Fein kindly informed me of a review he gave of The Spoofer’s Guide to the Lisbon Treaty.  It’s critical, but not in a nasty way, but what surprised me was when I informed a few people on the Yes side.  Slapped backs and  “Well done!” all around.

Apparently it’s a badge of honour to get done over in An Phoblacht.  

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