A question for my readers.

Every few days, I don’t post anything, usually at weekends, because I have been advised by some readers that I actually post more material faster then they can read (not everyone visits everyday, which I can understand)  and it creates a long backlog that they just have not got time to read. If I post a particularly long post, I tend to leave it alone for a day or two. Any thoughts?

8 thoughts on “A question for my readers.

  1. I read via RSS, so it makes no difference whatsoever to me.

    Since I don’t often get to say it (even though it is very often the case), I have to say that I agree 100% with Ralf Grahn above

  2. I like that there is usually a post every week day. It gives me something to read before having to go and do something constructive, a nice start to the day. Taking the weekends off allows people to cath up if they missed any posts and gives your good self a break as well. Really enjoy the blog as a whole and appreciate the humor.

  3. I’m generally of the opinion that the more you write the better, but keep going at whatever pace feels right. If some people end up with a backlog at least they’ll have something to read on a rainy day!

  4. Just tell your lazier readers that they should enjoy the abundance of choice, and start publishing on your blog in tune with your own feelings.

    (Many people don’t read your blog at all; should your schedule be devised to accommodate them? 😉 )

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