A vote for Fine Gael is a vote for Labour which is a vote for Jack O’Connor.

Vote FG, Get me! And Jack!

Vote FG, Get me! And Jack!

Today’s Sunday Business Post Red C poll has FG and Labour on a combined 52%, which makes me ponder. They are the alternative government, facing the worst economic crisis in the country’s history, against a governing party that is at its lowest poll ratings ever, and they can only get 52%?

Aside from the Enda factor, which FGers just do a “Can’t hear you!” Hands-on-ears on when it’s mentioned, there is a bigger issue. FG is still basing its campaign on not being FF, and Labour are still sending such mixed signals on public spending cuts and public sector reform as to neutralise FG. As a voter, if I bother to vote at all, I’m drifting towards FF (whom I really despise) because I at least know what I get with a vote for FF. If I vote FG, I get Labour policies, which basically seem to say that I, as aprivate sector PAYE worker, am in a lower caste than a public sector worker. I have no reason to believe that FG will protect me from that excess because FG refuse to deal with the reality. I might even be able to live with Labour if I knew beforehand what an FG/ Labour Govt would be doing, but they refuse to tell me.

In short, if FG and Labour refuse to tell me, before an election, what they will do jointly in government, then a vote for FG is a vote for Labour which is a vote for the public sector unions.     

3 thoughts on “A vote for Fine Gael is a vote for Labour which is a vote for Jack O’Connor.

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  2. David,

    My fear is that in the past FG have sounded tough until after the election, where they become so terrified that Labour won’t do a deal that they basically sell the store. Just list off all the achievements that FG made in the last Rainbow that were solely FG inspired. Aside from appointing Michael Lowry it is a pretty short list.

    FG is only private sector in opposition.

    Put it another way: Name three ideals that Fg has that FF does not subscribe to.

  3. I share your fears. I don’t want FG to go in with Labour either but unless FF go in with FG then either way Labour will be in government. There’s no other way to form a government than without Labour, unless FG get an overall majority which is not impossible.

    You can’t say that you know what you get with a vote for FF. No one knew they’d get a recession in 2007 did they?

    Out of all the parties FG is the only that has a clear list of policies and positions on issues such as public sector pay. There’s no party more pro private sector than FG, even if it means co-alitions with Labour. FF was the party that always gave into the unions, I think FG would run things differently.

    Also Labour in co-alition with FG is better than with FF because the balance of seats gives FG greater say because they’ll have the most seats after the next election.

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