Election 2016 Snapshot.

A few thoughts on the campaign:

1. The reset to 2007 is frightening. We’re back to parties lobbing high costing promises at the voters once again, and the voters being fine with it. People are angry about the outcome of the crash, but are wilfully forgetting the causes.

2. Voters complain that their constituency isn’t getting its “fair share” yet continue to elect the same type of constituency grafter that has failed to deliver balanced regional development.

3. Political reform is off the agenda, once again. Turns out there is nothing wrong with our system at all.

4. In a way, you have to admire the fact that behind our negative exteriors, we as a people are optimists, in that we believe no matter who we elect it’ll all be OK in the end. The dole will be paid, the pensions will be paid, the money for A&E will be found. It’s a testament to either an incredibly reckless country, or an incredibly robust one.

5. The ability of the Irish to hold conflicting views at the same time continues to be a testament to our mental suppleness. After all, aren’t the people most likely to vote for Tax The Rich parties the same people most cynical about the state’s ability to make the rich keep paying high taxes?

6. I have no faith in that “Are you feeling the recovery?” question because I keep meeting people who say there was no Celtic Tiger either.

7. Our health service is not Third World or in absolute chaos. I’m sorry, but it isn’t.

One thought on “Election 2016 Snapshot.

  1. It is crazy. FF today proposed to give free money for people to buy a home, loading the tax payer with risk, further reducing supply and driving up house prices back to unsustainable levels… https://twitter.com/lukejr/status/700813374116929536

    All parties apart from Renua are proposing some level of free GP care for all/most, even for healthy people who can afford to visit the doctor. We only train 170 GPs per year in Ireland, not enough to support the rush of people who’ll turn up at their GP clinic for a sore finger or nose bleed (this already happens to medial card holders) – delays will result at clinics and more people will be referred to the A&E system as everything is free. This will lead to a two tier system, as those who can afford to pay will pay and get to see their GP quicker.

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