Fianna Fail just don’t get it, but there’s a word. Treason.

Pat Cox: World Class for Ireland.
Pat Cox: World Class for Ireland.

There’s quote in today’s Irish Times from an unnamed FF minister saying that people can “forget” about the idea of John Bruton as commissioner because he doesn’t come from the “Fianna Fail family.” Aside from the fact that the sliveen gutless weasel didn’t have the courage to say such a thing on the record, it says a lot about why Fianna Fail needs to be put out. In John Bruton or Pat Cox the country has a chance of nominating a world class commissioner who might get a decent portfolio, and even a shot at being president in five years if they performed well. That’s the national interest FF should be thinking about, not giving a post to one of the lads (or girls.)

What is it with FF that they can nearly always be counted on to make the ethically wrong decision? Is it hard-wired into them? There’s a word for FF wanting to put a lesser qualified individual into the commission, putting their internal political concerns against the national interest. It’s called treason.



3 thoughts on “Fianna Fail just don’t get it, but there’s a word. Treason.

  1. I get the impression, and it’s just my own non scientific experience talking to people, that Mary Robinson is considerably more popular outside Ireland than in.

  2. I noticed the Irish Times editorial, which sees the nomination of the Irish Commissioner as a question of national interest. – It was, after all, one of the main reasons for the massive support for the Lisbon Treaty.

    While we are at it: How about some support for Mary Robinson from the government of Ireland, or is Tony Blair one of the FF family nowadays?

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