Fine Gael reveals itself.

Of all the people, this is the man equal to Angela Merkel and David Cameron, say FG.

Of all the people, this is the man equal to Angela Merkel and David Cameron, say FG.

We’ve learnt a lot about Fine Gael. Fine Gael have decided that he has the mettle and the intellect to negotiate one-on-one with Europe’s other leaders. They have decided that in this time of crisis, as the country faces its greatest challenges, Enda Kenny is the very best that Fine Gael has to offer. Enda Kenny will be the man to take the place of Eamonn De Valera, Sean Lemass, Garrett Fitzgerald and John Bruton, or as he can rightly call them, his peers. Of all the 4.2m people in the country, Fine Gael has decided that Enda Kenny is the man to lead our €150 billion economy out of the storm. Enda Kenny is the man to sit in the European Council and match the rest of Europe both intellectually and strategically. Enda Kenny, say FG, is the only person suitable to be Taoiseach.

We have learnt a lot about Fine Gael.

5 thoughts on “Fine Gael reveals itself.

  1. FF has never elected a leader who struggled to get through every television interview he has ever done.

  2. I got your irony, but, though neither an FG fan in general nor a Kenny one, I don’t think your point is a fair one. No political party makes a decision like last week looking over its shoulder in the way that you seem to imply that FG should have done

  3. They didnt. They revealed themselves as a completely divided party who the public are not going to trust. As Caomhghin O’Caoileain said they managed to punch themselves in the face. Labour and FF were probably pissing themselves laughing.

    Still Kenny is more palatable in my opinion than Bruton

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