France to fund Creationism in US schools.

The French Ministry of Science and Technology has surprised many by announcing that it is to commit €50 million to a campaign to encourage anti-science teaching in American schools.

A spokesman told us: “This is a wonderful opportunity for France and Europe. We would like to help American conservatives turn a whole generation of American schoolchildren against science, and instead obsess about stuff in a 2,000 year old book. Today, it’s evolution, but we are confident that within five years we can have them teaching that gravity is a communist idea, and that bio-technology is something to do with the Devil and homosexuality. We have one school board in Alabama voting tomorrow to teach that the Sun revolves around the United States. NASA aren’t happy, but the director of commercial satellite launching of the European Space Agency actually weed himself, he was laughing so much. Sent us a lovely hamper. It had cake.”

The ministry ruled out extending the policy to Europe. “Absolutely not. We need kids who can write software and develop new medicines, not wonder if God designed Zebras to look like they’re wearing pyjamas.”

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  1. I know Hattip made the comment 5 years ago almost but I’d still like to chuck my 2 cents in (I’m irish and I like to argue)

    “? French software?”

    Dassault CATIA software…it’s the top of the line 3d aerospace CAD software, so good in fact Boeing, Lockmart, NG etc use it in designing their aircraft.

  2. France, a modern economy? French software?

    Too funny.

    But why do you confound creationism with conservatives? I believe that you are listening to too much agi-prop from democrat controlled media and are buying into the electioneering slanders of the (Marxist controlled) Democrat party.

    Why was it that the Democrats canceled the Super Collider? (Hint: they were not about to shovel that kind of money into Bush Senior’s hone state, and besides, according to them we should be given money to foreign nations’ scientific endeavors). Why, if it is conservatives that are “anti-science”, is it that the Democrats push pseudo-science like AGW and “second-hand smoke”? (Hint: to rob people of money.)

    Why do the left constantly involve themselves with all many of Scientism and Psycho-babble if they are so concerned with “science” and a “modern economy”. (Hint: Because they are, in the real sense poorly educated, particularity in the hard sciences, not too bright and moral cretin.)

    Why has the left practically destroyed nuclear engineering in this nation, a disciple that the USA invented?

    It is not the voters of Alabama who are destroying NASA. It is Democrats who have in effect defunded NASA as a manned space program, turned it into a loony little hotbed for bogus “client science” and evidently see its chief aim as one of raising the “self esteem” of Muslim engineers. Oh that neanderthal G. W. Bush and his medieval superstitions about having NASA return to its key mission by returning to the moon and continuing on to explore the solar system! What does he think he is doing, having the USA compete in the world? What kind of POTUS does that? Just goes to show what all that clinging to the Bible get us.

    Oh and the LHC at CERN? Half a billion US dollars helped fund that.

    (Oh, and what about the huge nanotech funding by that Christin knuckle-draggier GWB?)

    In fact, France’s contribution to modern science post WW2 is rather minimal, and no, the Enarchs of the French establishment are concerned mostly with posturing, prestige, power and, above all, not having to earn an honest living. The EU is a political joke and their scientific programs are not far behind. In any event, the EU science programs, policies and institutions are almost exact copies of the sort of programs, policies and institutions we pout into place after ww2 to win the Cold War. For an EU “official”, real or fictional, to lay calim to an original vision as regards “national science policies” or “science institutions” is about as absurd as a modern leftist claiming credit for such institutions as DARPA, the NSF or the Jason group.

    The post war science policy in the West owes much more to right of center Cold Warriors than it does the modern establishment Left, and if you actually knew anything about the history and practice of science in America in that period you would not have to be told this. If our scientific institutions are failing now it is not due to conservative but is rather a coinsequence to the Left’s “march through the institutions” and the resultant positions of power they came to hold. Their politicization of science has is destructive both to this nation and to the discipline and practice of science itself.

    The truth is is that scientist and engineers in this nation–real ones who earn an honest living-tend to be much more conservative than the population at large. They have to actually think for a living and are judged by the actual fruits of their labors. Some of them happen to be Christians, btw, and if you think that some how Christianity is incompatible with science, go read some Aquinas. While you are at it, go brush up on the actual intellectual history of Western civilization (as opposed to that bogus, weird, manufactured and revisionist one pedaled by the propagandists of the Left).

    Sound like someone has inverted reality, and is engaging in slander, revisionism and projection.

    This is a constant of the Left.

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