Republicans slam Pres. Obama for vetoing “Death to Poor People” Act.

President Obama has been attacked as an “effete European Socialist who reads books and stuff” by Republican congressman Robert E. Glee (Georgia). The congressman was remarking on the President’s most recent decision to veto a Republican bill designed to allow registered Republicans to hunt unemployed people, executing them with high powered assault rifles. “It is this kind o’ European thinkin’ which is destroyin’ this great country of ours. Let us be cleah’: There is a cleah’ and radical homosexual agenda at play heah’: I have no doubt in my mind that the president would much rather sleep with poor people than hunt them and theah ill-bred spawn down with a laser scoped Armalite with dum-dum bullets. Shoot, we might as well be livin’ in France!”

The GOP also attacked President Obama last week when he vetoed a Republican bill to make the unemployed dance for coins thrown by passing rich people. In other news, in South Carolina, a black man was beaten to death by a group of  “secession enthusiasts” for asking for a white coffee.    

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