Star Trek: Picard. A few thoughts. *SPOILER ALERT*

The Epic Series Finale of Star Trek: Picard is Coming to IMAX

I’ve just watched the penultimate episode “Vox” of the final season, and a few thoughts.  And yes, it’s full of spoilers, so you’re warned.

1. The big reveal about the Borg only makes sense if the whole Agnes Borg Queen story line from last season is resolved in the final episode. Which I’m assuming it will be. It has to be.

2. The evil plot with the transporters is very clever. Didn’t see that coming.

3. The actual activation of the plan is quite horrific when you think about it. Thousands of older officers being slaughtered by their own crews. It theoretically should have a huge impact on Star Trek going forward, I mean, who is doing the teaching in Starfleet Academy?

4. It’s Star Trek. We expect the good guys to win next week. But even in the STU we know that the Federation and Starfleet exist 800 years in the future.

5. Why didn’t Ro Laren tell anyone about the transporters? Remember she refused to use them?

6. Isn’t it logical that a load of ST favorites like Janeway will be killed in the massacre? Is Tuvok already dead?

7. Was never a fan of the D. Much prefer the A and the E. But that scene when they walk onto the bridge…

Additional: did the producers make a serious error in not figuring out how popular Shaw would be? Could easily have led a new show as the captain who is a bit of a dick.

Finally, you’d have to ask what is the f**king point of Section 31? They failed to stop two previous Borg attacks, the previous Changeling infiltration of Earth, the previous infiltration conspiracy, and a Romulan fanatic as head of Starfleet Intelligence. They’re basically shite. 


One thought on “Star Trek: Picard. A few thoughts. *SPOILER ALERT*

  1. All correct. Especially Section 31.

    But what a lovely juicy riposte to the Woke generation and Star Trek Discovery – everyone under 25 succumbing to assimilation under one grand, unforgiving, intolerant idea, fascistically eliminating all and any before them that disagree with this brave new world. There was still far too much fan service in this episode but the rebuttal of STD and the wider veneration of youth was a most welcome development for this very long time Star Trek fan.

    In short Star Trek TNG – old classical liberalism, Star Trek Discovery, new, illiberal Wokeism. I know which crew I’m shouting for.

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