Vote Satan No.1: A Fresh New Voice*

Satan: Working hard for you.

Satan: Working hard for you.

As a resident of the area, Satan has been extremely active in the local community for several years. Through his continued activity, he has had the privilege of campaigning alongside members of the community on a variety of concerns; including, environmental, childcare and social inclusion issues.

Some of Satan’s main priorities are to enhance the quality of life for residents of the area by guaranteeing that any future development is sustainable and takes a community gain approach. To ensure that access to adequate housing is a right and not a privilege and to continue fighting for improved public transport; which, is long overdue in our area!

Satan also supports initiatives that plan to improve public lighting, traffic management and those that seek to make our streets cleaner and safer. Satan is dedicated to building upon existing services; in particular, the improvement of local facilities for young people and implementing much needed amenities for older people.

To achieve these aims, Satan will take a proactive approach to any issues or concerns that may arise. Satan strongly believes it is essential to have ongoing open communication and consultation between residents and their elected representatives, in order to deliver the services that people in our area need and deserve.

Satan is fully committed to listening to your ideas and concerns and he looks forward to meeting you and working with you over the coming months.

 * The above unchanged text is from a local election candidate running for Dublin City Council. I felt that it could have been voiced by, well, any candidate, hence my “adjustment”.  

2 thoughts on “Vote Satan No.1: A Fresh New Voice*

  1. This is demonstrative of the kind of vague, aspirational political guff that Satan has been peddling for years. Satan does not understand the real issues which people face on the ground: while honest, hardworking people are lying on trolleys in hospitals, Satan is off in some cave slitting the throats of young virgins on sacrificial altars and devouring their still-beating hearts.

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