What Irish polls actually mean.

The recent Sunday Independent/Millward Brown poll put the parties at the following levels of support: FF 29%, FG 26%, SF 19%, Independents 19%, Lab 8%.

There then followed the usual Irish political bunfight “GAA my county is up/yours is down! Yahoo!” analysis, which is great gas and all, but means little other than to partisan political hacks who regard winning as the main reason for being in politics.

So, for the benefit of people who have to live in this country, and are affected by its politics, what does this poll actually tell us?

It tells us that support for political values in the country is as follows:

Conservative minimum change “Don’t be annoying them fellas from the Troika, they’ve got that super duper credit card” parties: 55%

Vaguely leftish minimum change “Pretend to scowl at the Troika,  but sneak in the back door and have dinner with them later. They know their way around a wine list, as I said to Sebastian yesterday” party: 8%

Vaguely leftish pretending to be much more left wing could be scary and have a  few scores to settle with the Guards when in power party: 19%

My Parish First, F**k the rest of ye, banking regulation and all that stuff never put a roof on a GAA club in Belmullet independents: 19%

In other words, there’s nothing to see here.

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