What would an Irish right-wing party manifesto look like?

Supposing we had a party unashamedly to the right of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. Here’s a random selection of what-ifs…

1. The on-site arrest, detaining and charging of those attempting to enter Ireland by destroying their travel documents?

2. The setting of an annual limit of refugees Ireland will take in and shelter to recognised UN standards.

3. Setting an 18 month limit on receipt of Jobseekers Allowance during a period where unemployment is below 5%.

4. The introduction of 8 hour on-street summary detention by Gardai, as issued by two Gardai and recorded on bodycam.

5. The reduction of NGO funding to no more than three organisations per designated sector, with open Oireachtas hearings on each organisation funding application.

6. The right to self-defence to be inserted into the constitution.

7. The right of the Dail to increase a prison sentence by 20% on a two-thirds vote to be inserted into the constitution.

8. A dedicated Garda investigative team and public prosecutor to be appointed to specifically prosecute insurance fraud, with the prosecutor to present a progress report to the Oireachtas annually.

9. A fast-track legal mechanism to allow individuals to take effective possession and renovate abandoned properties, with prescribed compensation and penalties for legal owners if they emerge later.

10. A referendum to insert into the constitution  that no action taken by any paramilitary organisation was taken in the name of the Irish people.

11. A referendum to abolish Seanad Eireann.

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