A collection of Fianna Fail Mouthbreathers.

Harry McGee’s blog about the FF Ard Fheis, and the “Jaysus! I might get on the telly” crowd staring into the camera like, as Bill Hicks would say,  a dog being shown a card trick. From today’s Irish Times here.  Very funny.

2 thoughts on “A collection of Fianna Fail Mouthbreathers.

  1. You are quite correct. My apologies to all concerned. And you are right, Jack McGee did chase Dr. David Banner all the way across America. He was also as dim as Steve Trevor, who was never able to figure out that Diana Prince and Wonder Woman were the same person. Call him an investigative reporter? No Harry McGee he! (See the way I segwayed into that? Nice, eh? Eh?)

  2. I’m fierce sure that’s Harry McGee (no relation to Jack McGee who was always after the hulk) whose blog that there is, so it is.

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