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About Jason

Jason O’Mahony has worked in the Irish construction industry, stood as a Progressive Democrat candidate, and wrestled yaks for coins in an Alaskan cannery, three statements of which two are actually true.

He has also written some satirical material for some magazines and newspapers you may have heard of, as well as a column for Dow Jones’s Marketwatch.com. He last¬†appeared on television to explain the Superman III theory of Irish politics, and was never let on again. It’s obviously a vast conspiracy involving the Bilderberg Group, the IMF, and shape changing lizards.

During the Lisbon 2 referendum, he wrote The Spoofer’s Guide to the Lisbon Treaty, which¬†irritated all sorts of Eurosceptics. He has been called both a fascist and a lefty. Which is nice.

Jason has been accused of being paid large sums of money to write pro-European propaganda, which outraged him, not because he wouldn’t, but because he’s still waiting for the cheque.

He has written two satirical novels, “The Gemini Agenda” and “The Ministry of Love”, both available as eBooks on Amazon.com.

Jason was born in 1973, and is not 45 as has been alleged by one cheeky bastard.

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