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Great DVDs you should see: The Damned United.

Posted by Jason O on Dec 2, 2009 in Movies/TV/DVDs |

Michael Sheen is Old Big 'Ead.

Michael Sheen is Old Big 'Ead.

I’m not a big football fan, but as a former candidate and party activist I can understand about the passion of something, and I found “The Damned United”¬†, the story of Brian Clough’s period at the head of Leeds United to be fascinating. Michael Sheen, whom I’m a huge fan of since his portrayal of Tony Blair in “The Deal” and David Frost in “Frost/Nixon” has a stunning ability to take on and become great characters, and he does the same with Clough in this. The portrayal is of a man with a huge ego but a lot to have a huge ego about, and yet can be sensitive and funny as well. Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney¬†and Jim Broadbent all add to a glimpse of football in the 1970s just before money took over.


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