Would a Gallagher win be a vote of confidence for Fianna Fail values?

Sean Gallagher: FF we forgive you.
Sean Gallagher: FF we forgive you.

Today’s poll in the Sunday Business Post is interesting reading for Sean Gallagher, and must surely seal his place in Irish politics as a player even if he doesn’t win the presidential election. What I find interesting is the question as to whether a Gallagher win is basically a sign that the Irish people are willing to begin forgiving Fianna Fail? Now, as I write this, I can already hear the attacks for suggesting this, that I’m trying to smear Gallagher, but the reality is that Gallagher is saying little different from what Fianna Fail has been saying for the last 15 years. Yes, he has distanced himself from the policies of Fianna Fail, but in fairness, so has Eamon O’Cuiv, and he’s the deputy leader of the party, so that’s not really an anti-Fianna Fail thing. He’s pro-business and says that we need to take care of the vulnerable, which is the Fianna Fail line. In fact, if I were Micheal Martin, I’d be shifting uneasily in my leadership seat.

Of course, he could knock the whole thing on the head. Is there anyone who seriously believes that he will not appear on a Fianna Fail ticket within five years, if he’s not elected president? If he rules that out, then that’s a whole different kettle of fish altogether. 

2 thoughts on “Would a Gallagher win be a vote of confidence for Fianna Fail values?

  1. God knows, we really are through the looking glass on this one.

    I completely agree. FF looks like coming out the winners on this one and they did not even take part.

    Polls suggest people don’t see an alternative to FG as a government but the support Gay Mitchell is getting suggests FG’s vote last election these may be borrowed.

    The challenge to McGuinness feels like a punch up in the street on a Saturday night and I’m sure a lot of FF voters who deserted last time are noticing just how blue their shirts are and think ‘this is not for me’

  2. A win for Gallagher will definitely be seen as a win for FF and a crushing defeat for the government parties.

    So he’ll be getting my number 3 – after Dana and Martin

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